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Anna believes it is important to treat each person both as an individual and a whole, seeking out the connections in the body and looking to the root of a problem, helping you to balance mind, body and soul.

Treatments are designed specifically for you and aim to help reduce daily stresses and help your body reach its natural equilibrium. Anna’s aim is to treat the body holistically thereby boosting your overall health, happiness and general wellbeing. Having gained experience in a range of different therapies gives Anna a better knowledge and understanding of health and the body, enabling her to create treatments that are unique to each client.

Anna’s background as a Nursing Assistant at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital heightened her fascination with the relationship between the body and mind, drawing her into taking a holistic approach and seeking out complementary therapies. Anna believes the body has a miraculous ability to self-heal and by rebalancing the body’s systems re-activate the natural healing processes. Like many others Anna believes the power of touch within massage aids this natural healing process, releasing chemicals that are known to increase happiness (serotonin), ease stress and most of all create a connection within your inner-self.

Anna is a firm believer in the well known adage that prevention is better than cure and therefore recommends a regular regime of massage which should be viewed as integral to healthy living and not just seen as a luxurious pleasure.

Anna initially trained in reflexology with renowned practitioner Angela Sellens Drake at Pathways School of Reflexology in Norwich and now undertakes advanced training in both massage and reflexology, including taking part in seminars run by Danish Reflexology veterans at Touchpoint.dk and Lone Sorensen, founder of Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem. Whilst incorporating many Danish and Swedish techniques into her practise Anna continually undertakes professional development to broaden her knowledge of holistic therapies and continues to update her knowledge ensuring high professional standards.

Specialist treatments

Anna has undertaken specialised training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLDuk) and Combined Decongestive Therapy with the Vodder School in Austria. These techniques are used in the treatment of Lymphedema - a condition caused by blockages or a damaged lymphatic system where there is a build-up of excess fluid in the tissues.

Anna adheres to the MLDuk’s strict code of practise where she has to complete a review course to update her skills every two years to practise professionally.

Anna is fully insured and registered with the Association of Reflexologists and MLDuk.


BA Honours in English Language and Literature
The Open University

Therapy 2 and 3 Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy
The Vodder School, Austria

Pathways School of Reflexology

Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem and Japanese Cosmo Facial Lift
Instituto Internacional de Reflexologia

Aromatherapy Massage
Jackie Hamilton School

Indian Head Massage
Norwich Academy of beauty

Baby/Toddler Reflexology
Baby Reflex

Advanced training in the Neck, Shoulder, Spine, Stress and the Immune System
With Touchpoint.dk and many more organisations

Advanced training in Fertility Reflexology
Seren Natural Fertility and Pathways School of Reflexology