Norfolk Therapies Prices

Anna asks for £40 in exchange for 1 hour treatment. Some treatments require longer than an hour, please ask when you book.

Initial treatment

During your initial treatment, a free 15 minute consultation will take place. The purpose of the consultation is to provide a medical history as well highlighting lifestyle details. A brief mobility assessment may be performed at the beginning of each treatment; this is not a diagnosis but helps to give an impression of the problem and the location. More importantly, it enables the client and therapist to observe the difference during each session. This will enable the treatment to be tailored to your specific needs ensuring you receive the utmost from your treatment.

Following your treatment, aftercare advice will be recommended to you so that you can receive the additional benefits from your holistic treatment.

In order to sustain these results, follow up treatments are recommended.

Treatments generally last around an hour. Shorter or longer treatments are available upon request. In some instances, such as where patients are particularly fragile or in the case of children, a shorter treatment may be advised as being more suitable.

Please note all the information that is shared is held with complete confidence.

Cancellation Policy

Please give a minimum of 24 hours if you would like to cancel or reorganise your treatment.

Special Offer

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NHS Discount

20% discount offered to NHS employee’s on showing your health service card, please state upon booking.