The below testimonials are from Anna's massage and reflexology clients in Norwich and Norfolk.

“I came to Anna with little knowledge of what to expect from an aromatherapy massage. She responded very quickly and professionally to all my queries and when I arrived for my massage I felt at ease straight away. She explained to me all the oils we had selected for the treatment and the benefits of them. She was very professional and made me feel completely relaxed. 5 star service from Anna, I look forward to my next treatment!”

LD. Norwich, Norfolk.

“I had facial and foot reflexology from Anna when I was a stressed suffering night-sweats and anxiety. Both methods of treatment really helped me and were hugely relaxing. Anna took the time to recommend life-style changes (such as dietary and exercise) which have been beneficial to my health.

Anna has the gentlest touch and truly healing hands. I love treatments with her as you really feel how caring she is, which is great for your wellbeing as well as the issue she is helping you work on with your physical health.”

NC. Norwich, Norfolk.

“Having experienced different Reflexologists over the past 15 years, I find Anna to be far better than anyone else. I was first introduced to Anna for a treatment for my birthday and what a wonderful present it turned out to be. I was so impressed when I had my first treatment as Anna magically used both hands pretty much throughout the whole treatment working two feet together, wow!! What wonderful feelings.

Each time I have seen Anna I go into such a deep feeling of relaxation and comfort. Afterwards I feel so light and bouncy on my feet it’s amazing. Recently, Anna has also done facial reflexology and I am so pleasantly surprised at how good this feels. Anyone looking for some help for healing generated by reflexology or a luxurious pamper from the relaxation and feel good factor. I highly recommend Anna and her magical hands.”

AF. Gorleston, Norfolk.

“10 years ago I had a mastectomy with removal of my axillary lymph glands. This has resulted in lymphoma of the affected arm. My arm builds up with fluid, restricting movement and hard lumps appear on my arm. I have a compression arm sleeve which helps me in daily life, but does not remove the fluid in the same way. After the initial consecutive treatments of manual lymphatic drainage with Anna, the fluid significantly reduced relieving the heaviness. After the hard lumps also went and actually hasn’t returned. As a prevention measurement I have lymphatic drainage once or twice a month and always feel lighter afterwards.

I can truly recommend treatment with Anna, she has a healing touch.”

NP. Norwich, Norfolk.

“Anna never fails to make me feel relaxed and calm regardless of my mood when I arrive. She clearly has a natural talent for what she does and her love of it shines through in how good she makes me feel during a treatment. I must admit to some times being a bit sceptical about these things but the results I have experienced from reflexology with Anna are undeniable and at times quite profound. I would fully recommend her to anyone.”

GH. Brundall, Norfolk.