Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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MLD may appear quite different from the usual massage as it uses a very delicate and gentle, rhythmic techniques without the use of oils. Following the initial consultation, a treatment plan will be devised and specific areas of the body will be worked on.

Please wear loose clothing and under wear. You may be asked to partially undress. If any part of the body is not being massaged, it will be covered up.

To book your appointment or find out more about manual lymphatic drainage contact Anna on 07807 842004, visit our contact page or email email

About Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD stimulates the lymphatic system increasing lymph and venous flow. Moving the skin in the direction of the lymph stimulates the lymphatic vessels which transport nutrients to cells and eliminate waste products encouraging a natural balance within the body supporting a healthy individual.

Manual lymphatic drainage can be a valuable immune system booster and can be used as a preventative and remedial or simply to maintain and strengthen your well-being.

Other benefits may include:

  • Calming effect
  • Pain reducing effect
  • Promotes healing of wounds, scars or burns.
  • Encourages healing of fractures, torn ligaments, sprains
  • Improve hormonal disturbances such as PMT or menopause
  • It can ease the effects of chronic diseases such as ME, MS, Parkinsons, Arthritis
  • Help combat allergies such as hayfever
  • Detoxing
  • Relieves fluid congestion: swollen ankles, puffy eyes and swollen legs in pregnancy
  • When used before, during or after pregnancy, it may prevent, diminish or reduce Stretch Marks
  • Can prevent or stabilise Pregnancy edema
  • Can improve many skin conditions such as acne and rosacea
  • Help reduce periods of stress
  • Can support pre and post-surgery
  • Increase or maintain general well-being and energy

The lymphatic system acts a second drainage system that supports the venous system in removing foreign and unwanted substances. Lymph consists of proteins, cells and cell debris and plasma which are too large to enter the venous system and external substances such as waste products, viruses, hair dyes and glass dust. The lymph fluid is carried to some of the approximately 600 lymph nodes in the body which act as a filtering station, cleaning out everything that is harmful in the body. When the lymph nodes are blocked, it may result in disease manifesting or swelling in a localised area. Therefore, MLD is equally as important for the use of maintaining your good health, acting as a preventative as well as remedial.